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CLWA 2024 State Budget Submission

CLWA’s State Budget Submission 2024-25 outlines our priorities to support the community legal sector. 

The law affects every part of people’s lives and community legal centres are fundamental in supporting members of our community in need. This includes helping people who are facing eviction and homelessness, family breakdown, crippling debts and fines, discrimination, exploitation at work and unfair dismissal. CLCs, including specialist family violence services, play a crucial role in enhancing the safety of victim survivors of family violence and preventing perpetrators from causing further harm.

Unaddressed legal issues can cause serious consequences, including financial stress or bankruptcy, ill-health, psychological distress and homelessness. These risks are compounded for our clients who are already experiencing disadvantage. Getting legal help in time can stop problems getting worse – keeping people in work, families in their homes and kids safe. 

That’s why it’s so important that WA’s 2024-25 State Budget ensures equal access to justice for all Western Australians.