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Campaigns for a Fair WA

As the peak body for community legal centres in WA, we campaign for better, fairer laws in WA. You can read more here about our work on law reform and the campaigns we support.

If you live in regional or remote WA, driving is a lifeline. You need your car to work, get the kids to school, access medical help, and other services and to support family and your community. 

But if you lose your licence in WA, the current process to get it back is complex and difficult to navigate. It can take a long time and you need a lawyer to help. It’s even harder for people in remote areas, who may not have public transport or legal help. This means some people end up driving without a licence to find work, help family or access medical treatment, causing further problems.

We are campaigning to change driving licence laws in WA, to give people a clear path to get their licence back. This is about improving quality of life for people in regional and remote areas, breaking the cycle of homelessness across the state, supporting people to get back into work and to keep their lives on track.

Campaigns We Support

We support a number of campaigns for better, fairer laws in WA.

We are members of Social Reinvestment WA. We support the campaign to reform youth justice and raise the age to 14.

We support Make Renting Fair – campaigning for better, fairer laws for renters in WA

We support a Human Rights Act for Western Australia.

We support family violence campaigns, working with our expert colleagues across the FDV sector, and raising awareness through the 16 Days in WA and other campaigns.